Residential Window Cleaning

We'll have your windows absolutely gleaming

There’s nothing worse than having to stare out at your beautiful scenery through a murky window. Regular window cleaning keeps the view clear for you, your family, and your coworkers at home and at work. By letting in more light and its nourishing Vitamin D, a clear view can boost spirits and health.

On top of that, regular window cleaning actually increases the lifespan of your glass. Mildew, filth, and other accumulations can etch glass surfaces, weakening the glass’s structural integrity. Your windows will become weak and susceptible to breaking if they receive enough scratches.

We can offer services that makes it easier to fit around your schedule. For example, since most people work during the day, as long as we have access to the back of your property we can still come and simply leave a receipt after work is completed. You can then pay online, making it easier and more practical for you. Our aim is not only to provide a quality service, but also practical one. If you decide to opt in for a regular clean, you can chose to have fresh and sparkling windows every 4 or 8 weeks. Monthly or bimonthly cleans are the norm for residential properties.

Is your choice how often you wish to have them cleaned and you can change your frequency or cancel at any time.


To receive your quotation quicker please provide your full address in your enquiry form as every property has an individual price.

We do not need to visit your property for quotation and we use 3D Google Earth Maps which covers 93% of the Oxford area and allows us to see most of the properties in 3D all around which makes our life much easier. Alternatively, you can email us at or send a What's App message to 07447 44 3457 with pictures of your property and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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    Having clean windows, doesn’t have to be difficult


    Prompt quote. Reasonable price. Great, reliable and professional service. They came and did the job at the agreed date and time. The windows almost look brand new again. A happy customer!

    Sarah P

    Shem is incredibly reliable and has wonderful communication skills - nothing is ever a problem and he is very personable. My windows are always left sparkling! Highly recommend his services.

    Mark W

    Shem cleans our windows regularly. He always texts the day before to let me know and uses a side gate for access. He is extremely reliable, friendly and does a great job. He has also cleaned out and fixed a gutter which has been perfect ever since.

    Johnathan L

    Shem always does an excellent job. He reminds me when it's time for the windows to be cleaned and cleans them very well. He also does a great job cleaning the gutters. Highly recommended.

    Gareth N

    Shem’s work is always excellent. He is very thorough, professional and pleasant. He is provides a dependable, regular service.

    Lorraine M